The Magic Lantern Society UK [fr]


The Magic Lantern Society has a world-wide membership comprising collectors, enthusiasts, students of film, visual media and popular culture, magicians, artists, performers, scientists and archival organisations from over 30 different countries - all sharing the same enthusiasm for the magic lantern and its history.


The Society is not interested exclusively in the lantern, or in the past. Member interests are broad, covering other 'lost' forms of visual media and optical diversions, as well as their 21st century counterparts.


We have quarterly meetings with lively performances, lectures and a collector's market for members only, hold an international convention every four years in Great Britain and occasionally organise visits to major international exhibitions and archive collections.


We publish a quarterly Newsletter outlining member activities and a Journal of recent research. We issue video tapes and DVD's of our meetings and members enjoy exclusive offers on the wide range of Society books, such as our prize-winning Encyclopedia of the Magic Lantern.


When you have explored the site further, visit the Membership page and discover how you can join us. 

Grande Place
1800 Vevey/Suisse
Heures d’ouverture:
du mardi au dimanche
de 11h à 17h30

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