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At the heart of “Vevey, the City of Images”, the Swiss Camera Museum presents the history of photographers and photography, its inventors and its techniques through an exceptional collection of images and objects, some of which can be operated by the visitors.

Permanent exhibition

From the origins to the digital revolution

A journey through the history of photography, from its beginnings to the digital revolution.

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Leica 3 de Robert Frank

Exhibition open from 26 January to 20 August 2023

In the footsteps of Reiss

Rodolophe Archibald Reiss (1875-1929) was an internationally renowned criminal lawyer and founder of the world's first forensic science school at the University of Lausanne. He put his mastery of photography to use in his science, developing photographic techniques that are still used today.

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t001 tirage 124x77 mm monté sur fiche anthropométrique 142x145 mm Mr Reiss 16.08.1900 avec empreintes digitales du pouce de l'index du médius et de l'annulaire droits [REISS, R. A., 1902, Einiges über die signaletische Photographie (System Bertillon) und ihre Anwendung in der Anthropologie und Medizin. Internationale Photographische Monatsschrift für Medizin - Verlag Seitz & Schauer, München, a9 cahier 1, 1902, Separatabdruck 3-13, fig4 p 9, recadrage de la fiche anthropométrique sans les empreintes digitales]

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