Photography and watchmaking

Photography and watchmaking

Photography and watchmaking


20 January – 21 August 2022


Photography is an art of time, as is the age-old art of clock-making.

The functioning of the camera and the clock is based on a fine mastery of the division of time.

However, the links between these two central machines of Western modernity have been surprisingly little considered until now.

The exhibition and the rich publication that accompanies it invite us to this new exploration. Both were conceived in collaboration with the University of Lausanne.

The exhibition and the book detail the history of cameras manufactured by watchmaking companies in Switzerland in the 20th and 21st centuries.

The Compass by LeCoultre, the Alpa by Pignons, the Michel pigeon camera, the Tessina by Siegrist and the photofinish devices developed by Omega and Longines (now Swiss Timing) are among these extraordinary achievements.